The Salut Poupée ! website makes room for Atelier du Perroquet!

Leather goods and a love of leather...

Before I started creating dolls and other cuteness, and before creating this website, I was a leatherworker and managed the Atelier du Perroquet e-boutique (I opened the workshop in 2014 and created the website some time afterwards). Back then, I offered a wide collection of made-in-France leather goods: handbags, shoulder bags, men's bags, clutches, small leather goods and dog collars. All in series. In other words, I was working just-in-time! And, frankly, my creative temperament was beginning to suffer: too much repetition isn't really my thing! Which is why I created Salut Poupée! which, by definition, allows me to renew myself with each creation...

Bags, clutches, small leather goods and dog collars made in France!

I've always loved leather, and I love working with it to create these quality pieces that my customers have sincerely raved about! Especially since I embroidered my creations a lot, and people really appreciated the fact that their bags and pouches were personalized. To be perfectly honest, this represented a colossal amount of work that is extremely difficult to sell at a fair price in France! This, combined with the creation of Salut Poupée ! and the difficulty of managing 2 sites and the weariness of often re-doing the same creations, led me to make a big decision (I admit it wasn't easy...).

The Atelier du Perroquet website is no more... long live Atelier Cuir de Salut Poupée!

I've closed the Atelier du Perroquet website today, July 27, 2023! Not without a twinge of regret, as it represents a huge amount of work and personal and financial investment. But I can't give up working with leather! Not in the same way, that's for sure. So I decided that Salut Poupée had to make a little room for Atelier Cuir, and so it has!
The big change? From now on, I'll only be making one-off pieces for leather goods, so I can renew myself with each creation! A dream come true! On the other hand, I'll certainly be making dog collars in small series...

Favoring vegetable-tanned leather and hand-stitching.

Because I like to be ecologically virtuous, from now on I'll give priority to vegetable-tanned leather, which is so much better for the planet and for us! Because I'm a craftswoman at heart, whenever possible I prefer hand sewing with waxed linen thread, which is so much stronger and more durable. And because I'm a creative person, I'll be doing my own embossing and leather dyes (water- and pigment-based), like the ones you can see below!

Let's get to work!


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