Waldorf doll: the complete guide to make it yourself!

Do you succumb to the charm of Waldorf dolls?

The dolls called "Waldorf" or "Waldorf-inspired" are increasingly popular and loved not only by children, but also by collectors! Moving and touching, these dolls have "something extra" straight from childhood, the softness and touch in particular. We are very far from plastic dolls here! Made from natural carded wool and pure cotton, these dolls are healthy and safe! Moreover, they have only one defect: their price! Price justified by the many hours of work necessary to their realization...

So, why don't you make it yourself?

The creator of Salut Poupée ! is aware that these dolls are not accessible to everyone and has decided to share a little of her modest knowledge to allow you to make the princess of your dreams yourself! She has put together an absolutely complete tutorial that will guide you through the making of the doll! I invite you to watch the trailer of this tutorial ;-)

The tutorial is very complete and will allow you to succeed!

38 pages including of course the patterns of the doll and the clothes, not less than 100 photos to illustrate the remarks, and the included and private access to 9 videos of online lessons ! Some of them are almost one hour long ;-) With tools like these, we are sure you will succeed!


Click here "THE COMPLETE JUNE TUTORIAL" to access the downloadable booklet!

The link will give you access to everything! The designer reveals a lot of manufacturing secrets, personal tips, materials... just to let you have the pleasure of hugging JUNE!


Making the head, draping the fabric, making the bust, legs, arms, assembly, hair, making the clothes, etc... this doll making tutorial has everything planned and will allow you to offer you a Waldorf doll at the best price!


Three conditions are required if you have never made one: be manual and have some basic knowledge of sewing and crochet, be very meticulous and have infinite patience because a Waldorf doll deserves many, many hours of work! So, make it at your own pace, do not rush, postpone to the next day if you are tired ... This is really an area where time is of the essence! If you make it for your child (because JUNE is adapted to children!), make it with him, at least, in his presence for some steps: the doll will be even more valuable for him!

Waldorf doll: which materials?

Everything will be specified in the tutorial, but one thing is certain: if the manufacture of your doll will require time and patience, the purchase of materials for a doll is relatively cheap! Good quality carded wool (preferably organic, it felts better), a piece of Oëko-Tex jersey skin, some yarn, a ball of mohair for the hair and that's about it!

However, you will need to acquire a few tools specific to doll making: felting needles (extra fine, medium and large), doll needles (these are long needles of 13 cm, long enough to go through the head), one or two haemostatic tweezers... The rest of the tools should be part of your sewing kit. But all this is also explained in the tutorial ;-)

Where to get doll supplies?

Etsy is of course full of suppliers... But be careful not to buy outside Europe because of the shipping costs ;-)

In France, in Bordeaux to be exact, you can also find EVERYTHING at fabrique-moi-une-poupee.com , Marotte et Cie or at Pique et Colegram in Bordes.

Can't wait to make your own doll?

Then, don't hesitate : order your tutorial now ! And, a little advice: watch all the videos quietly, before starting! You can come back to it afterwards ;-) The links are in the DOWNLOADABLE BOOKLET and you can come back to them as many times as you want!

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