30 cm PIPA doll

Pipa is an adorable Waldorf-inspired doll, designed for little ones!


This adorable doll measures 30 cm, she has a fine and harmonious silhouette. Pipa has been specially designed to suit young children, that is to say that none of the elements that compose her can be removed! Thus, her clothes cannot be removed, nor her accessories, her hair is tied and non-irritating, all the seams are double and made with a very strong double thread! You can entrust this little doll to a small child without worry. The materials used for its realization are also very safe: organic carded wool, pure Oeko-Tex cotton jersey, pure organic cotton fabric, pure wool mohair for the hair. For an absolute safety, the eyes and the mouth are embroidered, the eyeshadows used are natural and pigmented beeswax. You will find above a tab for the maintenance of this doll: if you respect our advice, the doll will remain beautiful for a long time, you will just have to give her back pretty colors with the wax sample attached.

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