Doll 38 cm RUTH

Ruth is an adorable art doll, handcrafted with exclusively natural materials!


Ruth, under her mischievous candor, hides a lot of sophistication and required very long hours of work. The head, the bust and the legs of this doll are made of pure carded wool, entirely and patiently "needle felted" which assures the firmness of this beautiful "rag doll" (from which we are very far!). This technique (needle felting) also makes it possible to give life to its face by modeling beautiful cheeks, a pretty small nose, a mouth and a small chin. But that's not all: Ruth has an articulated head and legs. So she can nod her head, which gives her a lot of expression, and bend her legs. Her woolen body and face are covered with pure Oeko-tex cotton jersey, which is healthy, soft and natural. The girl's eyes are embroidered, her makeup is natural (pigmented wax). The hair of this poetic character is also made of pure wool (it is the Teeswater breed of sheep that gives us these beautiful "locks"!). The Ruth doll will be delivered with her little bodysuit, her Liberty blouse, her jean skirt (with her teddy bear!), her striped socks, her real leather boots and her little hand-knitted wool jacket. Ruth is not a doll for little children: she is for connoisseurs, for decoration, for crushes and for children over 7.

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